Kabul neighbourhood, home to Hazaras, stunned by wave of attacks

Discrimination against Hazaras

Hazaras in Afghanistan have faced decades of abuse and state-sponsored discrimination, most recently under the Taliban regime between 1996–2001. In neighbouring Pakistan, they are attacked by armed groups for their largely Shia beliefs, while in Iran, they face blatant racism as obvious Afghan refugees and conscription into Tehran’s foreign wars.

Economic diversity of the area

Fereshta blames everyone, from the Taliban — who were known to attack and kill thousands of Hazaras during their five-year rule — to ISIL, to the Afghan government for the rising insecurity of Hazaras.

What attracts people to Dasht-e-Barchi?

Qayoom Suroush, a Kabul-based researcher, says that like Hussain and his wife, tens of thousands of families moved from other provinces to Barchi specifically because of economics, security and culture.

‘Pashtuns against Hazaras’

Farzana Azghari has lived in Barchi for most of her life.



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Thomas P. Valenti

Thomas P. Valenti


Conflict resolution practitioner; certified mediator, AAA neutral, mediation, arbitration, facilitation.